Saving Money & Energy

AMLP always saves you money with great rates.

Take advantage of our energy and money-saving incentive and rebate programs with HELPs, MA CEC, and EnergyStar.


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AMLP participates in HELPS, which offers a wide array of rebates and incentives to assist our customers with the costs of implementing energy efficiency measures.

Click here to learn more about available Rebates & Incentive Programs, Apply Online or Download Forms.


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Make the switch to cleaner energy and save money. There are a lot of great choices to help you. Check out these rebate offers from the MA Clean Energy Center.

MA CEC Modern Wood Heating Rebates download
MA CEC Clean Heating & Cooling Program Rebates download
MA CEC Air-Source Heat Pumps Rebates download
MA CEC Ground-Source Heat Pumps Rebates download



State and Federal governments also make it easier on your wallet to go green. Check out these links.

Commonwealth of MA Residential Energy Credits  →
EnergyStar Tax Credits, Rebates & Savings  →
EnergyStar Energy Efficient Mortgages  →
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